Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mr. Jack

The most talented detectives gathered together to catch Jack before he can take advantage of the darkness to escape. Many traps were arranged for Jack ... earn to die

 But Jack is cunning. He was impersonating a detective in the investigation team ... Who is going to expose the true face of Jack?

entertaining puzzle, but besides that it takes you to think more about how to play and tactics
Our game is shaping very attractive character designer and Drug quite meticulous drawing
Mr Jack is a board game for intellectual inference 2 players. A man faction and choose a character Jack secrets anonymously, the other trying to figure out who was Jack has been selected. A duel between two parties is extremely attractive and dramatic for those who love to brainstorm!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Crystal Hearts

Launched in late February 2016 on Google Play, the beautiful game vai3D enter Korean Crystal Hearts has achieved relative success as more than 2 million workers landmark users to download. That's why the NextFloor recently announced that it will release iOS version of the game right in May to

Reportedly, Crystal Hearts is the first project developers and NextFloor DMK Factory - the father of the famous games like Dragon Flight and Knights of the Clan. Crystal Hearts carrying the game completely in agreement with the immersive heights today with the control group given the most appropriate tactic.

Join the Crystal Hearts, players will go on the adventure of more than 400 characters (the token) varies the desired game you gradually unlock them and form a group of up to 4 members. The characters are graded according to the number of stars, the strongest is 6 stars. happy wheels

Besides storyline with compelling gameplay, Crystal Hearts also possesses the quality of its stunning 3D graphics and extremely colorful. Players will discover the same game under the same chapter with Dragonest. Shaping of the characters in the game to go in the direction of an extremely easy thuơng 3D chibi same expressions, gestures quite smooth, true initially really impress even the first sight. earn to die

Monday, April 25, 2016

Trivia Crack

Do you think this is a great game, yes we tried about you. start playing like a new beginning
ave fun challenging your friends and enemies in the hottest trivia game! earn to die

Let our friendly spinner wheel, Willy, select which questions you’ll answer from six different categories. Be the first to get the six crowns to win, but watch out for the rematch!

Reasons you should be playing Trivia Crack right this second:
-Hundreds of thousands of exciting questions
-You can create your own questions in the Factory
-Over 20 game languages
-Chat with your opponents
-Collectable card collection

Need more? No problem:
-Prove how smart you are
-Learn something new while having fun
-Make your mother proud

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go! Download the game!

Warning: this game may cause an excess of fun. Please consult a professional if you notice your knowledge growing at an unusual rate.

Visit for more information. happy wheels

Questions? Concerns? Find the solution to all your problems here:

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A classic adventure in Land Grab

Are you familiar with the board game? This is the game of land encroachment, take his land encroachment. and try to spend as much of their land. They are games which are often related to a board with the design of certain materials. These are fun games challenge players on tactics and strategy. A perfect example is the game known as the land grab. Do you have any suggestions or ideas about this particular game? If you are completely clueless, it is good because eventually you will know some details about it as you read this article together. One good thing about this game is the fact that it gives life to the classic game that is perfect for the new generation to get involved with.
tank trouble

This game is about taking land and construction. Players will act as the manager of a large construction company who will find certain areas, where buildings can be built on. You will have strategic and competitive as other companies are raising their qualifications up to grab as much land as they can. If you want to join this game, you can search online. earn to die

Friday, April 22, 2016

Super Drift 3

Here is a little game brings a new direction, you can race pace we wanted. What are you passionate about oto then this is a great choice for those who are passionate
get ready for the race preparation, more importantly, super fast speed and passion. in any game you also need to prepare yourself mentally, and ready to start
an overview of the game  . earn to die

Super Drift 3 add more interesting features with the style of the race earlier offer. It is a racing game demanding speed control his ingenuity in the car as you face the different curves and turns in the songs. Super Drift 3 gives you more comfort, more choice. more new features
You are presented with more objectives to choose from as there are many unique levels or game modes, each of these several objectives influence your overall gameplay as these objectives are useful to increase the performance of you racing skills as well as giving you bonus to collect on the way giving you the opportunity to upgrade and improve your cars.

There are some levels in the game which requires the best upgrades of your car to win and for which you must play in different game modes and levels to earn the maximum bonuses. There are three types of game modes offered in Super Drift 3 which are –

Arcade Mode – This is the classic Super Drift racing which gives you challenging opponents to play against as you drift your way and race in extreme speed. Super Drift 3 provides multiple opponents to race against, presenting you with more challenge as you now have to overcome not one but several more highly skilled opponents. But with the choices of the difficulty level you may be able to match your skills accordingly. tank trouble

Pursuit Mode – This is a unique and exciting addition to the Super Drift racing adventure as you are presented with the opportunity to earn bonuses for taking down a given target. The objective of Pursuit Mode is, as soon as the stage starts you will be chasing after a car and trying to take it down, if you succeed in completing the challenge, bonuses will be awarded.
 Time Trial Mode – You are given the challenge of driving faster towards the end in this mode. The time trial mode assigns you with a certain time to finish the race, and by going as fast as possible if you can reach the end within the given time you will win and receive special bonuses.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Uphill Rush 7

Uphill Rush 7 - Uphill Rush Waterpark is the perfect racing game for all you speed, you can unleash play and strong race pace .tro this game allows you to race with motorcycles, trucks, bike this is the one great game for those who like adrenaline
you have to use the skills and your thinking to overcome the obstacles that will inevitably throw Uphill Rush your way . happy wheels

This race is all about speed, endurance and a lot of fun


The controls for the Uphill Rush Game 7 good because it is easy to use. You can use the up arrow to accelerate, the down arrow to brake or reverse, left arrow to tilt back, right arrow to lean forward, the space bar to jump and perform stunts, letter M to show and hide the mini-map and P to pause the game. Z is a really powerful tool as it instructs the use of turbo racer that actually doubles the speed of the player for five seconds.

Like the other Uphill Rush games, there are several races that you must win.  There are four stages and three different races in each stage which is a total of 12 races that you have to win to lift the all-important winners’ cup!

You also have the chance to collect money throughout the game which is vital as it means you can upgrade your vehicle or purchase new clothes that will help you to go even faster.


You can cheat by increasing your turbo by making 360 degree flips three times. Once you have completed the flips select Z to activate the turbo.

Other cheats include the Monster Truck Cups (1p mode), Monster Truck Cups (vs. mode), Special Cups (1p mode) and the Special Cups (vs. mode).  Complete each using the motorcycle, skateboard, quad and monster truck vs. the selected mode.


This game is great for online gaming fanatics of all levels because there are three different settings to choose from.  These are low, medium, or high so you can choose the setting which best matches you skill level.

There is a main menu with several other settings.  These include ‘start’ to start the game; a really useful ‘how to play the game’ which gives you handy tips and tricks; ‘high scores’ which shows you previous high scores; an optionto increase or decrease the size of text in the game; an option to dim the lights of the game; an option to mute the sound and even an option to see what other games are available to play.

There are options to display the game in different languages including English.

There is even a really clever icon which allows you to link your Uphill Rush 7 game to your site!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Frozen Princess Anna Perfect Makeover

Play Frozen Princess Anna Perfect Makeover game online free. You could play Frozen Princess Anna Perfect Remodeling in your browser totally free. Your sis has a close connection with the princess. The princess familiarizes concerning your visual sense through your sister. She goes to your home now. Today is the engagement of the princess. earn to die

Offer her an excellent day spa and at the end adorn her in a grand way. She does not like her beautician. For she is not imaginative and burns out the princess with the tedious makeover. Keep your reputation by enhancing the woman the fashion that she enjoys. Take advantage of the cosmetics fully. Firstly you have to apply creams on the face and also get rid of oil and dust. After the health facility you are supposed to do remodeling on the princess. Select sophisticated and also pretty dresses that fit her taste and shade. If you meet the expectation of the princess she is ready to appoint you as her beautician., Frozen Game, Elsa Game by Didi Games

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Awesome Frozen Birthday Cake

Game Frozen Free birthday cake Prominent Frozen special day, a girl is ready to play for free online at You can play Frozen Cakes On particularly prominent in your browser for free. You own a great restaurant in the city. Your store is understood to cook delicious cakes in the armor. Other days, you get an order from the head of state of your home town. The son of the head of state the anniversary celebration of her birthday after tomorrow.  happy wheels

It is you who are going to decorate the cake in a big way. Folks around the position to realize your imagination. When you embellish a pie of people assumed to be high. So try to keep your credibility. Adorn pie special day in a creative way. Gives life to the cake with colored decoration with attractive it. If the president really feel the content of your decoration, he will pay you the money you requested. Giving an objective elegance to cake and highlight it with the ingredients provided. You've actually been invited to this event, please be there for the party., Frozen Game Elsa Game by Didi Games

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Frozen Elsa Royal Makeover

Play Frozen Elsa Royal Makeover game online free. Frozen Elsa Royal Transformation is an Other game on You can play Frozen Elsa Royal Makeover in your web browser totally free. Females! You might have viewed the film Frozen and suched as the deuteragonist the snow queen Elsa. happy wheels

In this health spa transformation game which we have prepped for all the charming females available you could meet this charming princess and pamper her with medical spa treatments. Yes you are visiting be her beauty therapist and give her an imperial remodeling instead a stylish one with bold make-up glasses and things like that. So are you all set to play this makeover video game? Have fun!, Frozen Game, Elsa Game by Didi Games

Frozen Olaf Fix and Dress

 Play Frozen Olaf Fix and Dress game online free. Frozen Olaf Repair and also Gown is a complimentary game for female to play online at You could play Frozen Olaf Deal with and Wear your internet browser for free. happy wheels

Olaf one of the beautiful personality Frozen. His body parts are scattered in the snow as the snow beast chased him. He requires your aid to fix his components and assemble him. He will certainly be a lot more delighted if you make him much more beautiful with outstanding array of outfits. Do you would like to develop a snowman? Beginning now., Frozen Game, Elsa Game by Didi Games

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Seek for positivity and peace in Raze 2

A flash game series is indeed a great varied compilation of tremendous entertainment.One good example is the Raze series. It has come up with its second serving in Raze 2. Have you noticed that shooting games are getting popular among gamers nowadays? There are three reason why a game like Raze 2 is becoming a favorite among other flash games. First is because of the entertainment factors it has such as graphics and background. Second is because of the fact that it is an action packed game because of the involvement of shooting schemes. Last reason is because of the fact that it requires full interaction from the player. Further details are included or written on the next paragraph.

Since this is already the second edition, you can expect for a higher degree of entertainment and challenge. This game is the second installment of Raze which means it has the same objective like the first one had. It is to eliminate opponents using different shooting weapons available. There are three game modes available such as human, alien and quick match. Search Raze 2 now and have a full blast game. Be alert, mindful and efficient in seeking for positivity rather than evil or bad doings.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Baby Elsa Frozen Shower

 Play Baby Elsa Frozen Shower game online free. Hello there women! Do you remember princess Elsa from the prominent motion picture Frozen? Well she is so preferred that I’m rather sure you currently know every little thing about her.
When she was a slightly gal she was a really cutie. That’s why in this new Enjoydressup video game that we have for you today you will comply with infant Elsa and reach assist her do all form of fun activities., Frozen Game, Elsa Game by Didi Games

Monday, April 11, 2016

In What Order Did the "Pokemon" Games Come Out?

The "Pokemon" series of RPG games has been going strong for over a decade. Find out the order that the "Pokemon" games came out in with help from a graduate of Full Sail University in Recording Arts in this free video clip