Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Crystal Hearts

Launched in late February 2016 on Google Play, the beautiful game vai3D enter Korean Crystal Hearts has achieved relative success as more than 2 million workers landmark users to download. That's why the NextFloor recently announced that it will release iOS version of the game right in May to

Reportedly, Crystal Hearts is the first project developers and NextFloor DMK Factory - the father of the famous games like Dragon Flight and Knights of the Clan. Crystal Hearts carrying the game completely in agreement with the immersive heights today with the control group given the most appropriate tactic.

Join the Crystal Hearts, players will go on the adventure of more than 400 characters (the token) varies the desired game you gradually unlock them and form a group of up to 4 members. The characters are graded according to the number of stars, the strongest is 6 stars. happy wheels

Besides storyline with compelling gameplay, Crystal Hearts also possesses the quality of its stunning 3D graphics and extremely colorful. Players will discover the same game under the same chapter with Dragonest. Shaping of the characters in the game to go in the direction of an extremely easy thuơng 3D chibi same expressions, gestures quite smooth, true initially really impress even the first sight. earn to die

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