Thursday, April 21, 2016

Uphill Rush 7

Uphill Rush 7 - Uphill Rush Waterpark is the perfect racing game for all you speed, you can unleash play and strong race pace .tro this game allows you to race with motorcycles, trucks, bike this is the one great game for those who like adrenaline
you have to use the skills and your thinking to overcome the obstacles that will inevitably throw Uphill Rush your way . happy wheels

This race is all about speed, endurance and a lot of fun


The controls for the Uphill Rush Game 7 good because it is easy to use. You can use the up arrow to accelerate, the down arrow to brake or reverse, left arrow to tilt back, right arrow to lean forward, the space bar to jump and perform stunts, letter M to show and hide the mini-map and P to pause the game. Z is a really powerful tool as it instructs the use of turbo racer that actually doubles the speed of the player for five seconds.

Like the other Uphill Rush games, there are several races that you must win.  There are four stages and three different races in each stage which is a total of 12 races that you have to win to lift the all-important winners’ cup!

You also have the chance to collect money throughout the game which is vital as it means you can upgrade your vehicle or purchase new clothes that will help you to go even faster.


You can cheat by increasing your turbo by making 360 degree flips three times. Once you have completed the flips select Z to activate the turbo.

Other cheats include the Monster Truck Cups (1p mode), Monster Truck Cups (vs. mode), Special Cups (1p mode) and the Special Cups (vs. mode).  Complete each using the motorcycle, skateboard, quad and monster truck vs. the selected mode.


This game is great for online gaming fanatics of all levels because there are three different settings to choose from.  These are low, medium, or high so you can choose the setting which best matches you skill level.

There is a main menu with several other settings.  These include ‘start’ to start the game; a really useful ‘how to play the game’ which gives you handy tips and tricks; ‘high scores’ which shows you previous high scores; an optionto increase or decrease the size of text in the game; an option to dim the lights of the game; an option to mute the sound and even an option to see what other games are available to play.

There are options to display the game in different languages including English.

There is even a really clever icon which allows you to link your Uphill Rush 7 game to your site!

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